The company KERAMTECH s. r. o. Žacléř belong to the leading producers of foundry ceramics, which is also the company’s main product range. We offer filters designed for all types of ferrous, non-ferrous and „coloured“ metals.

A special category in this area are ceramic casting sieves, which still have their irreplaceable place in the casting system. The ceramic head of thermoprobes is then used in foundries and smelters. Ceramic parts for electric heating systems form a separate group of products in our company. These are heating assemblies, usually consisting of a metal heating spiral carrier (boiler roller, flat/plate carrier, smooth pipes) and other parts, such as heating rod heads, heating rod carriers, mounting elements, etc. These products can be found in heaters water, tempering and tempering furnaces, drying and firing furnaces, etc. Traditional products are products made of technical porcelain (C111) and steatite (C221), intended for use in the electrotechnical industry.

This group of products mainly includes E14, E27 and E40 socket bodies for safe use at high temperatures, ceramic terminal blocks meeting the highest fire protection requirements, various types of cable clamps, holders and grommets for distribution in public buildings, tunnels or subways, wall and ceiling ceramic luminaires with IP20 protection and various special parts such as resistance seats, terminal block bodies, zero bridges and many others.

We are constantly adding new types of products to the traditional assortment, such as Raschig rings (the most common filling of distillation and absorption columns), protective parts and attachments (used for mechanical protection of metal or plastic parts), textile conductors of various shapes and sizes, industrial and retro handles for furniture or stove and stove doors and many others.